New product selector for online feed additive offering

On Monday April 25th launched a new product selector that will allow site visitors to easily navigate through our offer of additives to find the solution they are looking for.

We primarily offer a wide range of solutions based on organic acids, which are applied to several species for purposes of improving gut health, grain and feed preservation and feed acidification. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose the optimal solution to be used. The product selector allows visitors to easily find the ideal solution by selecting species or application area, and specifying exactly what type of solution they are interested in all the way to processing characteristics and packing types.

"This is a big step in the digitalization of our offering, with more to come” says Patricia Oddshammar, VP of Perstorp’s Business Unit Feed & Food. She continues:

“It was challenging to present such a broad range of products in the best possible way. The product selector will make it much easier for visitors of to browse and find the best feed additive or preservative for them.”

The Perstorp feed product selector is available online at>>

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Marketing Communications Manager Animal Nutrition

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