Poultry shows the same performance with less feed with ProPhorce™ SR

Tony Toebak
Tony Toebak
Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition
+31 416 317 721
Animal Nutrition
27 January 2016

A team of Chinese scientists from the Shandong Agricultural University, led by Professor Yang have confirmed the power of ProPhorce™ SR. They showed that the daily growth of broilers (poultry) can remain the same with 2% less feed when ProPhorce™ SR is included in the feed.

The scientists tested healthy animals under normal circumstances. The findings show that with ProPhorce™ SR a significant difference has been realized with regard to the feed conversion. At the same time the research shows constant growth rates. The research corroborates the good results which have been achieved with ProPhorce™ SR in Europe, and numerous trials with butyric acid products across the world.

ProPhorce™ SR consists of esters of butyric acid which enables the highest concentration of active product amongst alternatives that can release the butyric acid in the intestines where it has the most effect. The esterification process also solves the smell issue of pure butyric acid.

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