Bioplast 2015 at Elmia Polymer - come listen to us!

Perstorp’s Linda Zellner, Project Manager Bioplastics, will speak at “Bioplast 2015” at Elmia Polymer next week.

Elmia Polymer is one of the leading exhibitions for the plastics and rubber industry in Scandinavia. The exhibition is normally dominated by traditional plastics material, but this year some of the focus will be on the area of bioplastics. During the afternoon on April 22, “Bioplast 2015” will take place with a number of presentations on the bioplastics industry.

Perstorp’s Project Manager in bioplastics, Linda Zellner, will be one of the presenters. At 14:10, she will talk about new materials, possibilities and challenges.

Perstorp is a company with a long history but with a fresh thinking. Our focus on sustainable solutions has led to us investing in bioplastics where we see possibilities but also challenges in reaching out in the value chain with new innovative and sustainable solutions. How can we push the development further and reach out with new materials when we see that the need really is there?

Welcome to listen, share your thoughts and ask questions!

For more information, please contact Linda.

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Linda Zellner

VP Innovation, Strategic Markets

+46 435 382 91

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