New loading bays for Agro products

New, modern loading bays for liquid products are now in full operation at both the Formic Acid plant at Site Perstorp and at Site Waspik to support the increasing demand for our products. The new loading bays are the optimal solution both from a regulatory as a safety point of view.

One of the project’s main objectives was safeguarding that we follow laws and standards concerning the handling of feed and food products. The feed additives and preservatives that are loaded from these new loading bays are governed by strict laws and regulations to guarantee high quality. It is imperative that we are able to thoroughly inspect the bulk trucks.

The loading bays are of the highest standard in terms of working environment, traffic safety and external environment. From the safe and ergonomic platforms we can effectively load many tankers per week. This investment will facilitate a relatively quicker and simpler expansion. At site Perstorp it means another lane from which we can load all the plant’s products.

Product Manager Silage and Preservation from BU Feed & Food, Gabriella Bragée, says:
“What I have seen is that loading is more efficient, it flows better and feed safety is further improved, which are all factors that will affect our customer relationships positively."

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