Re-classification and re-labelling of feed products

All feed premixtures produced at the Perstorp Group’s production unit in Perstorp will be re-classified and consequently re-labelled with new information. New test results and coming regulations are the main reasons.

There are several reasons for re-classifying and re-labelling the products. The most important reason is the fact that new toxicological studies have shown that some products may permanently damage the eyes instead of just causing irritation.

Another reason is the up-coming transition to the CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) for these mixtures. In order to classify for CLP for mixtures products have to be tested for metal corrosion. Products that have been found to be corrosive to metals must be transported as dangerous goods.

The safety data sheets have been updated and will be sent out to customers as soon as all new labels are ready. Products in stock will be re-labelled.

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