Increased production capacity at Site Waspik

To match the increasing demand for our feed additives and preservatives, multiple shifts and extra bagging capacity have been introduced at Perstorp’s production unit in Waspik, the Netherlands.

In 2013, Perstorp’s production unit in Waspik experienced production growth as a result of increased demand. This pushed the limits of the production capacity of most notably the blends of dry products. In order to match the increase in demand the entire bagging process was renewed in December and a system of multiple shifts was introduced in the beginning of January. A new bagging line with a higher capacity was installed that can handle a variety of products, independent of the specific gravity. The bagging line is complemented with a new palletizer and wrapping machine.

These investments in the bagging process and the switch to multiple shifts facilitate a further growth of our production of feed additives and preservatives.

“This growth has come from our established product range but our new products based on butyric acid glycerides also contributed significantly”, states Waspik Site Manager Henri Peijnenburg.

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