GMP+ certificate for site Perstorp

Our production site in Perstorp, Sweden now has GMP+ certification for the product ProSid™ MI 701. Our production site Waspik has had a GMP+ certificate for years. Other Perstorp plants that produce feed additives are FAMI-QS certified. However, since ProSid™ MI 701 is a complementary feed, it isn't covered by FAMI-QS and we applied for a GMP+ certificate.

Perstorp and certificates
Perstorp as a chemical company naturally has high standards on quality and safety. Today we have a multi-site certificate for ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). In feed and feed additives especially it is a must to keep track of quality and safety.

FAMI-QS covers the certification of feed additives so, of course, all Perstorp production sites that produce feed additives are FAMI-QS certified. The certifications and audits are a good help in monitoring risks and keeping high standards in everything from production to documentation.

Until last spring only the site in Waspik handled feeding stuffs and consequently was the only GMP+ certified site. On March 21 site Perstorp had the first GMP+ audit which resulted in the eventual certification. In April the production of ProSid MI 701 started.

An easy process
The work preparing for the site Perstorp GMP+ certificate started at the end of last year and involved several disciplines such as purchase, logistics and production. As the production site is experienced in FAMI-QS, ISO 9001 and 14001 the understanding of the GMP+ requirements was very good and the eam which took care of the preparation used their knowledge of monitoring risks and documentation. The team found the requirements were a bit different from those of other certificates but logical and useful to observe high quality standard.

ProSid™ MI 701
ProSid MI 701 is a complementary feed product based on propionic acid glycerol esters. It was launched on the German market this spring and was very well received. An increase of production capacity of ProSid MI 701 is planned for next year because we expect that a lot of new customers will be interested in its specific advantages.

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