Premiere for the Silage App at Borgeby Fältdagar

Now it will be even easier to succeed with ensiling and to secure feed quality. Perstorp AB is launching the Silage App (“EnsileringsApp”) that will guide and assist you on the road to successful feed preservation.

Helena Häggblad, product manager silage additives, Perstorp AB:

'Perstorp is the market leader within the silage additives market in Sweden and it is our task to convey knowledge to farmers in Sweden. With the Silage App we have created a practical solution to help the farmer with his everyday work. We are proud to be able to launch this innovation during Borgeby Fältdagar 27–28 June.'

With the Silage App you’ll be guided from choosing the most suitable product for your conditions, a calculation of the profitability when ensiling and answers to frequently asked questions. The Silage App will not require connectivity on the internet, which is an advantage in locations with poor coverage.

Helena Häggblad hopes that many farmers will download the app which is available for smartphones in App Store and Google Play.

The Silage App will set a new standard to how we can guide the farmers out on the field. A successful feed preservation means that you secure the nutritional value in the feed, palatability and hygienic quality. This will in turn contribute to healthier animals, enhanced milk production and/or growth and an improved overall economy.

Tony Toebak

Marketing Communications Manager Animal Nutrition

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