ProSid™ MI 700 - safer propionic acid

Feed additive producer Perstorp introduces ProSid™ MI 700 - their latest and biggest innovation in the field of mould inhibition. ProSid™ MI 700 has all of the well known mould inhibiting properties of propionic acid, but not its corrosiveness and strong odor. The product will quickly and effectively kill all types of yeast and mould and maintain the nutritional value at a high level.

Propionic acid is commonly used as a mould inhibitor for feed and grains, and its effectiveness for this purpose is well documented.
ProSid™ MI 700 has several major advantages over propionic acid:

  • - More secure handling than propionic acid
  • - No ADR-restrictions for transport and storage
  • - Considerably less evaporation of the product in the air
  • - The treated grain smells considerably less

    These practical features are realized because of a completely new and highly concentrated formulation consisting of propionic acid and propionic acid glycerol esters. This combination provides a very high impact on yeast and mould while maintaining low evaporation, which means more conservative, long term effects compared to other products on the market.

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