Product Spotligh ProSid MI 700

After a few years of R&D Perstorp is now revealing its latest breakthrough in the area of mould inhibition: ProSidTM MI 700. The effectiveness of propionic acid in preservation of grain and other feed is very well known. ProSidTM MI 700 has shown the same effectiveness as propionic acid but with several key advantages such as lower evaporation, high nutritional value, reduced odour and no ADR restriction because of its low corrosiveness and high flash point.

Interesting properties for propionic acid esters
ProSidTM MI 700 is a combination of mono-, di- and tri-propionic acid glycerol esters plus pure propionic acid. Tests have shown that this combination has a high effect against yeast and moulds in feed. But the product also has low evaporation, low corrosiveness and a high flash point. In other words ProSidTM MI 700 is a safer product to handle than propionic acid, it has no ADR restriction but it is still a concentrated product.

Low evaporation
The lower evaporation gives the product a long term effect greater than current buffered propionic acid products on the market. The reason for this lower evaporation is simple: the propionic acid glycerol esters evaporate much slower than propionic acid.

High nutritional value
In addition to high preserving properties Propionic acid glycerol esters have a high energy value. Propionic acid is rich in energy and the propionic acid glycerol esters have a similar structure as fat, giving 20,6 MJ/kg metabolisable energy (ME) for swine per kg of product,  17,0 MJ/kg ME for ruminants and 20,6 ME for poultry.

Farm tests
All new products need real life testing before being put on the market. When the first Swedish farmers tested products with glycerol esters in grain preservation the low evaporation resulted in some very enthusiastic comments. The reason was not only the long term effect but also the fact that the smell is less than that of propionic acid: a quality that makes the work of treating the grain a lot more agreeable.

A lucky coffee break
ProSidTM MI 700 has a funny history. It actually started in a very different part of the Perstorp group. Perstorp polyol development engineers were looking for more environmentally friendly products for mould control on painted surfaces. One of the substances evaluated was a propionic acid glycerol ester. The substance had some very interesting properties, but turned out for some reasons not to be the perfect solution for paint control. However, during a coffee break in 2008 some important information was transmitted to colleagues working with feed additives in the Perstorp group and a new development project was started. ProSidTM MI 700 is now one of our most promising products, so that was a lucky break indeed.

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