Perstorp Waspik moves into new office building

On Friday November 6 the entire office of Perstorp Waspik had packed their things to move into a completely new office building. A solid 9 or so hours later all of the moving was done and everyone would start the following Monday in their new location. The route to work has not changed though, since the new building is on the same lot, less than 1 meter from the old one.

Same location, improved features
A lot of the improvements of the new building are centred in the little things. The entrance now has a beautiful high quality carved out logo, which will receive special lighting in due time. The reception has a clear front office, and a set of seats allows visitors to wait comfortably. And the list goes on.

The new building is much better suited for the company in its present state. This means that the entire company now has a central canteen, and no longer has to have lunch in separate spaces such as the big meeting room. Previously some direct colleagues worked separately because the spaces could not be set up to accommodate a full department. Now all departments have a room with space to grow if expected necessary.

The Perstorp Waspik laboratory received a significant update as well. It is considerably larger and has a new separate space for delicate equipment.

Continued investments
The new office building is just one of multiple investments planned to keep the Waspik site a professional place to work and visit. In addition to several improvements scheduled for the factory in 2010, also the parking space will receive a thorough make-over once the old office building has been torn down.

Below you can see an animation of the building process and an assortment of pictures from within the new building.

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