Perstorp South-East Asia road show

Last month South-East Asia was the centre of attention for Perstorp Performance Additives. A 'road show', led by Dr. Albert van Dijk and Dr. Chanyuth Likhitphadungkit, introduced some new products and elaborated on the existing product range. The road show visited Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh. Several trainings were given on how to use the products, and during a seminar presentation ProPhorce® PH was explained to livestock producers and feed mills.

Focus on mould inhibition in Jakarta
The first training was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here, Perstorp's mould inhibitors (ProSid® MI) were introduced. Acid based mould inhibitors are especially effective in this area, because of the high temperature and humid conditions. Mould growth can be a serious problem during storage and transport of corn, causing loss of feeding value and formation of mycotoxins. The program in Indonesia included visiting a big feed mill to elaborate more on the ProSid® MI mould inhibitors and their practical use.

Bangkok seminar attended by 140 persons
In Bangkok, Thailand, information was presented on ProPhorce® PH antibacterials and on ProSid® TB toxin binders to a group of 20 sales managers. On 30 September Vet Agritech CO. LTD and Perstorp Performance Additives organised a seminar for pig and poultry producers and feed mills in Bangkok. The seminar was attended by 140 persons.

The first seminar speaker was Dr. Tanawat, a famous economist, who spoke about the 2010 economy trend and how livestock industry could survive. He told that despite the financial crisis there are still good opportunities for livestock producers. For example, there are opportunities for farmers to export their products to neighbouring countries. In this case food hygiene is a key factor for crossing the border.

After Dr. Tanawat, Dr. Albert van Dijk from Perstorp Performance additives elaborated on new acidifiers for pigs and poultry. He explained that in the EU the standard use of antibiotics in feed has been forbidden since 2006. A lot of research has been done to find alternatives. This research has led to the use of organic acids in feed and drinking water, which is now the most used alternative for antibiotics. Dr. van Dijk showed many laboratory-, infection- and growth experiments demonstrating the efficacy of ProPhorce® PH, a new acidifier that utilises the synergism between selected essential oils and organic acids. He demonstrated that this innovative product gives a substantial improvement in growth performance and feed utilisation in pigs and poultry. Moreover, strong anti-salmonella effects were shown.

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