Caring for people and the planet

Responsibility is one of our core values. It’s about doing the right thing and doing things right. It’s also an integral part of our DNA to always act in a caring and a responsible manner – internally, externally and environmentally. Furthermore, we aspire to high ethical standards and actively work to secure ethical behavior throughout our value chain, including our suppliers. We are striving to go beyond regulations and to act as a role model within our industry since responsibility is at the core of our hearts.

Health and safety

Measurement is important, but we believe it takes more than indicators and targets to instill the right motivation to improve health and safety in a company. At Perstorp, we are very clear about what we want to achieve, how we intend to get there, and what is expected from each employee and manager. Since we initiated our Care 365 program in 2017, our health and safety performance has improved significantly. Care 365 is a Group wide initiative and addresses culture, leadership and employee engagement in health and safety, including contractors who work for us short or long term. It places emphasis on visible leadership, a sense of urgency when it comes to the prevention of incidents and accidents, implementing clear standards as well as compliance management.

We seek to constantly improve health and safety to become a role model for other companies. One of our main implementation tools is the Perstorp Careway, which enables us to monitor our health and safety maturity level based on industry best practice – both at site and Group level. We aim to use the Careway to take Perstorp Group’s health and safety performance to the top quartile of companies in our business category.

Responsible sourcing

Our value chain links us very closely to many of our suppliers and customers and we all need to co­operate and co­innovate for a sustainable industry. An important part of that work is to address the risks of any unlawful practices and negative impacts in our supply chains. Since 2018, Perstorp has intensified the integration of sustainability in our supply chain processes. These efforts have, among other things, involved updating our supplier assessment methods.

We divide our purchases into two main areas: production related material and services, and non­production related material and services. Each area represents different risks, impacts and challenges, which has been the starting point when making risk assessments and building supplier assessments. Our suppliers are required to acknowledge our Vendor policy, which is based on our Code of Conduct and covers human rights, labor standards, anti­corruption and environmental responsibility. All large spend and/or high­risk suppliers are systematically assessed using a self­assessment tool. This procedure also requires suppliers to acknowledge and sign the vendor policy. 70 percent of Perstorp’s spend is covered by this approach.

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Ethical business practices

Perstorp’s Code of Conduct includes our business principles related to anti­corruption, anti­competitive behavior and public policy. This overall guidance is complemented by more specific policies and procedures, such as a specific anti­bribery policy. The legal department has developed a series of e­learning modules to enable more in depth focus on different aspects of business ethics, especially for those in positions of increased risk exposure. Further e­learnings are in the pipe­line. Employees are encouraged to correct or report non­compliance with the Code. Alleged non­compliance shall be reported to an immediate manager, or the Head of HR or Head of Legal.

Finally, there is an internal whistleblowing channel that enables anonymous reporting of any suspicions of misconduct. Perstorp conducts a legal risk review on a quarterly basis. All business areas and functions must report any litigation, dispute or claim related to legal or regulatory violations that is material to the Group. Investigations by an authority (e.g. police, antitrust authority) must also be reported.

Safeguarding sensitive information

In a digitalized world it is not enough to focus only on health security and safety of our production sites and offices. We also need to protect our business data and handle information responsibly. Protecting the integrity of people and protecting sensitive business information is a very important area of our responsibility. We need to minimize the risk that sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands through accidental information sharing, theft, coercion, bribery, etc. Perstorp has a dedicated Head of Data Privacy and Information Security at Group level to address the protection of information related to our business and personnel. We need to handle protection of data systematically and continuously, with a risk based approach, and therefore we are establishing an Information Security Management System within the Perstorp Group.