Coalescing agents
Uniform film, smooth flow and robust finish in all climates

Reliable global supply of ester alcohol coalescing agents

Elisabet Sjölund
Elisabet Sjölund
Product Manager Oxo
+46 406 358 867
Perstorp is a leading producer of premium performance ester alcohol based coalescing agents for latex paints. With our NX 795 brand, Perstorp is the only dedicated producer in Europe. Our global sales force backed up by an efficient local service is available to support you wherever you are located.

Universal and sustainable coalescing agent

NX 795 is a universal ester alcohol based coalescing agent that is perfect for all latex systems. It facilitates a smooth film formation and then evaporates slowly as the paint hardens. NX 795 is not classified as VOC and provides a sustainable solution to help move from solvent-based to water-based paints.

Uniform film formation in low temperatures and high humidity

NX 795 reduces the MFFT (Minimum Film Formation Temperature), so that the film formation is uniform in low temperatures as well as in high humidity. This allows smooth and productive application across a wide range of temperatures. Additionally NX 795 offers other important end-user properties, such as high gloss, reduced film porosity, less cracking and has a low odor.

Value chain

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