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Synthetic esters are increasingly becoming the go-to choice in several industries. They offer higher and more predictable performance properties, and can better be engineered to fit specific and complex applications. This leads to, for example, longer service intervals and reduced energy consumption. The change towards synthetic esters is driven by the requirements of increasingly sophisticated and complex end products as well as by legislation and environmental concern.

High quality raw materials for polyol ester base stock

Working with Perstorp, you will get a one-stop shop for high quality raw materials for polyol ester base stock. But beyond products, we are forging performance-driven partnerships with an increasing number of customers, focusing on how to manage the total costs of their operation. Logistics, innovation and sustainability are all areas where we can help you get ahead.

The end result is minimal downtime, cost-effective production and a competitive product portfolio. And ultimately, peace of mind.

Logistics – on your terms

We love to cooperate with our customers and identifying where our knowledge and services can create the most value for you. Together we can analyze and tailor an optimal supply chain for your needs. Perstorp offers solutions such as strategic storage locations that will minimize your supply chain, bringing you shorter lead times, security of supply and improved process flows.

Innovation – for a competitive edge

We believe in partnerships, and together we can understand trends and translate them into valuable business opportunities that will satisfy your, and your customers’, short-term and long-term needs. We want to combine our R&D resources with yours. We think this will significantly increase the output and lead to a more competitive portfolio.

Sustainability – take the next step now

We will help you get ahead when it comes to products with sharpened sustainability profile for synthetic lubricants. When you want partly renewable polyol ester base stock or polyol esters with significantly lower carbon footprint, Perstorp’s cutting-edge Perstorp cutting edge Pro-Environment Solutions will help you become the sustainability leader in your segment.

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Building blocks for a more sustainable future

Find out how our building blocks for Synthetic Lubricants and Engineered Fluids contribute to a more sustainable world.

Pro-Environment Solutions

Criteria for portfolio products are:

  • Renewable or part renewable
  • Drop-in products
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Independently certified by ISCC

Learn more about the Pro-Environment Solutions here

Pro-environment solutions from Perstorp