Lower your carbon footprint, time-to-market and development costs 

You can optimize high-performance liquid polyesters to a significantly lower environmental impact and lower your costs using our comprehensive and unique product portfolio and service offers. Providing you the freedom to innovate means we provide products and services to support you every step of the way from initial insights to market implementation. Keeping costs under control, developing new sustainable and waterborne polyesters are just some of the current needs that our technology team are helping our resins partners to deliver on.

 The freedom to innovate and perform

When you are developing liquid polyester resins for can-, coil-, metal-, wood-, protective- coatings, or automotive, transport and marine applications, we can help you find high-performance solutions with low VOC and low carbon footprint. As technology leaders in resins & coatings polyols, we also have a comprehensive service offers ranging from innovation, market insights, logistic solutions to sustainability support. To speed up time-to-market and reduce your development costs you could have access to our services, including such as IP support, digital logistic solutions, PerCalc, and formulation guidance.

With the increasing consumer focus on sustainability, we can help you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and gain that vital competitive edge by using our new drop-in renewable polyols - Neeture™(Neo) and Evyron™(TMP). We can also guide you in the shift from conventional systems to waterborne polyester and high solid solutions.

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