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Intermediates for UV/EB curable resins

Carrie Zhu
Carrie Zhu
Product Manager, APAC
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Perstorp polyols are used as intermediates in the manufacture of acrylate polymers for use in Radcure coatings. We offer the largest portfolio of intermediates, which includes building block polyols, such as Trimethylolpropane (TMP) and Penta, plus a range of specialty polyols including Capa™, Boltorn™, TMPO and Alkoxylates.  

Insight and innovation driven coating solutions 

Perstorp has a unique insight into the end use and future applications relating to UV curing resins, such as soft feel coatings, 3D, food packaging and digital print technology. This knowledge and expertise is a critical part of the value we add to our partner relationship with leading acrylate resin producers.  

Our broad portfolio of products coupled with our application expertise, experience and service enables our customers to design and develop the very best UV curable monomers and oligomers.   

A global eye on the Radcure world 

Perstorp’s global presence is important for two reasons. Firstly we have an outstanding reputation for providing a reliable service and support wherever you are in the world. Secondly our global expertise and understanding of the latest trends and developments can help give you a vital competitive edge in the development of new radcure coatings, inks, adhesives and additive materials. Whatever the future may bring, hard or soft, flexible or fast, you will be able to meet the toughest application demands with Perstorp and Perstorp intermediates.

UV curable resins valuechain

Business advantages
  1. Breadth of portfolio and in-depth understanding of end use needs
  2. Global reputation for Radcure expertise, quality advice and technical service to secure fast development of new solutions
Performance advantages
  1. Fast cure low viscosity for higher productivity
  2. High quality and consistent materials for low wastage
  3. Environmental advantages over other technologies
Processing advantages
  1. Rapid conversion
  2. Suitability on sensitive substrates
  3. Versatile drying technology applicable where other coatings and inks cannot be used

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    Applications for Radiation Curing

    • Plastics
    • Flexo and digital ink/graphics
    • Packaging
    • Opto-electro
    • 3D modeling
    • Wood applications
    • Metal applications
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