PU crosslinkers
Controlled prepolymer production with predictable performance

Leading intermediates for isocyanate preopolymers and crosslinkers

Anna Berggren
Anna Berggren
Business Development Manager & Market Segment Manager Resins
+46 303 728 719
Perstorp is a world leader in the production of intermediates for isocyanate prepolymers and crosslinkers. As a core business we have the global presence and manufacturing capability to deliver to you reliably and with high consistency wherever you are located. We are a leading producer of TMP (Trimethylolpropane), which is a critical product both in the production process of prepolymers and in determining final coating properties. Other intermediates offered include DiTMP, a 4 functional polyol unique to Perstorp, and Alkoxylates, which include both 3- and 4- OH-functional polyethers. 

TMP: first choice for high performance PU crosslinkers  

Isocyantes prepolymers are used to make high performance PU crosslinkers in 2K coatings, which are combined with acrylics or polyesters. TMP offers 3-functionality, which determines the final coating giving it enhanced performance properties, such as hardness, chemical resistance and low color for transparent coatings.  TMP is particularly good at helping to protect and prolong the lifetime of steel and wood substrates. 

TMP also makes production safer and more reliable. It always reacts and behaves the same due to symmetrical OH-groups that have equal reactivity. This makes it much easier for you to control the prepolymer production process. 

Consistent, controlled and safe production of prepolymers 

Since isocyanates are volatile and need to be turned into prepolymers TMP is the perfect product. We deliver high purity TMP for consistent reaction, and the low ash content helps you maintain excellent control over the reaction. Using dry TMP also gives you control over moisture/water content, which prevents the production process and final coating properties from becoming unstable. The consistency, purity and batch control of our TMP and other intermediates significantly reduces safety risks and saves on costly reactor cleaning and loss of production.
Business advantages
  1. Production reliability saving valuable time and money
  2. Market leader with global presence to support you wherever you are
  3. TMP is dry, with low ash content for a predictable and controlled process
Performance advantages
  1. Protects and prolongs the lifetime of wood and steel substrates
  2. Low color
  3. Low viscosity (low VOC)
Processing advantages
  1. Better process control using TMP
  2. Better end quality due to purity
  3. Reduce the safety risks

Applications PU crosslinkers

  • Wood coating
  • Metal coating 
  • Marine coating

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