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Polyurethane dispersions
Hard to soft, rigid to flexible, always sustainable the choice is yours

Unique portfolio of dispersing monomers, and macrodiols for PUDs

Ryan Schoonmaker
Ryan Schoonmaker
Product Manager
+1 419 344 8359

Perstorp’s building block products for PUD resins ensure stable waterborne formulations with high performance properties. They also offer the possibility to produce 100% solvent free PUD’s.  

Our unique toolbox consists of Dispersing Monomers, such as BisMPA and our non-ionic monomer Ymer™ for easy to formulate stable dispersions, and polyols, such as Capa™ and Oxymer™, which provide the backbone properties for improved performance.  Our Short polyalcohols complete the offer helping to fine-tune final properties. 

 Polyurethane dispersions    


New, differentiated and environmentally friendly PUDs 

Our product portfolio gives you the ultimate in versatility. It allows you to create PUD resin formulas that span the whole range of possibilities from hard to soft and rigid to flexible. With this toolbox you can customize PUD’s by individual application. It can cover a wide span from flooring requiring hardness, abrasion and UV resistance through to leather where softness, flexibility and durability are appreciated.  With Perstorp you get the opportunity to develop new, differentiated and environmentally friendly PUD’s to increase your competitiveness. 

PU technology a core Perstorp competence 

We have the knowledge and technical support to help you start making a PUD or to develop your existing formulas. With our support you will be able to fully exploit the formulation freedom our toolbox gives you, whether you are looking for hard, soft, rigid or flexible solutions. If you are looking for high performance environmentally friendly solutions then we are the perfect partner for you.



PUD value chain

Oxymer Ymer Capa Bis-Mpa
Business advantages
  1. Uncompromising opportunities to achieve precisely the right formula
  2. Broad product portfolio for fast development
Performance advantages
  1. Stability and robustness of formulation for consistent long life performance
  2. Wide range of formulation possibilities with improved properties, such as flexibility, abrasion resistance and water resistance for high end coatings
Processing advantages
  1. Low viscosity for easier processing and application
  2. Reduced solvent and VOC for more environmentally friendly coatings
  3. Robust and top quality for cost effectiveness

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