paint additive
Paint additives
With our wide range of products you can create an equally wide range of paint additives

Building blocks for paint additives

Anna Berggren
Anna Berggren
Business Development Manager & Market Segment Manager Resins
+46 303 728 719

We are your partner in supplying raw materials that will enable you to produce a wide range of paint additives. 

Acids for carboxylic salt that are used as paint dryers, or Capa™ monomer as a building block for additives such as pigment dispersions or wetting agents. Furthermore Perstorp offers specialty allyl ethers for the manufacture of, for example acrylic thickeners and as additives for silicon chemistry.

With our wide range of products and advanced SC setup we can offer customized delivery solutions  to suit you.

Business advantages
  1. Global set-up for dependable supply
  2. Able to customize supply solutions through our advanced supply chain setup
Performance advantages
  1. High and constistant product quality
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