Partner in developing next generation plastics

Perstorp provides focused and innovative chemistry related to polymers – in polyurethane, PVC and polyesters. We are a strong leader in the plastic materials areas that we focus on, and have a proven record of innovation related to helping compounders and converters to produce safer, more sustainable high performance plastics.

Perstorp is a fully-integrated European leader in general plasticizers, and the brand leader in intumescent systems for fire resistant plastics. With our R&D, technical resources and production set-up we are the perfect partner to help you develop your next generation of plastics.

Innovative, high performance and sustainable plastics 

Our sustainable, safe and innovative solutions include Charmor™, which provides a superior carbon source for intumescent fire resistant plastics. Our latest innovations include, Pevalen a versatile, safe non-phthalic and sustainable plasticizer that delivers uncompromising performance. Recently launched too is Akestra™ a new heat resistant plastic that is ideal for catering and food packaging with its safe crystal clear looks to give brand appeal. Perstorp is also a core supplier of 2-EHA and n-Bal for PVB film used in safety glass.

Performance advantages

  1. Superior performance properties
  2. Safe products in processing and in use

Business advantages

  1. Perstorp is a strong market leader in our chosen areas, and can offer global support
  2. Innovative track record important in developing next generation plastics
  3. Enable customers to produce more sustainable products