Market Perspective: Oxo goes Green

Perstorp is a recognized front runner within the chemical industry in terms of sustainability and we are proud to be the first oxo player offering renewable products.

We have many years of experience from the partly or fully renewable polyols. Extending our pro environmental offering to also include carboxylic acids is a natural step for Perstorp, and we are proud to be the first oxo player offering renewable products, starting with partly renewable 2-EHA and Valeric Acid, 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid Pro 25 and Valeric Acid Pro 20. 2-EHA Pro is 25% renewable, Valeric Acid Pro 20 is 20% renewable. As a next step, 100% renewable acids will be offered in near future. Perstorp is also in the process of extending the acid portfolio, with additional capacities and acids. Perstorp is world leading in dedicated 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid and Valeric Acid production. 2-EHA is used in plasticizers for PVB film, synthetic lubricants, as a corrosion inhibitor in radiator coolants, siccatives & paint driers, and resins. Valeric Acid is used for aviation lubricants, refrigeration lubricants and other esters for synthetic lubricants. With 2-EHA Pro 25 and Valeric Acid Pro 29 there is now a renewable alternative to help users lower their carbon footprint.

Driving sustainability is part of our DNA

In the last few years, Perstorp has expanded its portfolio of Pro-Environment products, produced from renewable and/or recycled raw materials, to cover both base polyols, specialty products, deicer, plasticizer and now acids, aldehydes and alcohols. All Pro-Environment products are ISCC PLUS certified, meaning that all our sustainable raw materials are certified in all parts of the value chain back to the point of origin. All Pro Environment customers are also given information about the GHG-value of the product and their contributions to reduced CO2- emissions.

Perstorp unique offering for synthetic esters

Synthetic esters are increasingly becoming the go-to choice in several industries. They offer higher and more predictable performance properties and can better be engineered to fit specific and complex applications. This leads to, for example, longer service intervals and reduced energy consumption. The change towards synthetic esters is driven by the requirements of increasingly sophisticated and complex end products as well as by legislation and environmental concern. Specialty ester manufacturers can engineer the properties of the base oil to meet the precise requirements of certain application types. Ester chemistry can offer so many possibilities that 90% of lubricants can be produced with eco-friendly esters without any loss of technical performances, thereby replacing the use of mineral oils.

With focus on environmentally friendly development, also further fuelled by the ongoing pandemic, Perstorp is fully committed to drive the development of the future synthetic esters, in cooperation with our customers. Perstorp has a unique portfolio of polyols, alcohols and carboxylic acids, supporting future polyol ester formulations, e.g. refrigeration lubes, aviation lubes, di-electric fluids, automotive, metal working fluids & hydraulics. By combing Perstorp renewable polyols and acids, customers can significantly improve their environmental profile. E.g. Combining Voxtar M100 (100% renewable Penta) with 2EHA Pro results in a 54% renewable ester.

Download and read the full Q3 2020 Market Sentiment report here >>

The Perstorp Perspective

Perstorp has the ambition to become finite material neutral and supports all efforts for the industry to become more sustainable also further down the value chain.

" As customers wish to reduce their environmental impact, and develop more sustainable products, the interest in chemical products with renewable raw materials is increasing. We are proud to be the first to offer two new partly renewable oxo acids that will help customers reduce their carbon footprint and support the sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material. Our ambition is also to offer 100% renewable grades in soon future”, says Sam Chia, Product Manager at Perstorp.

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