Dependable global partner for surfactants & detergents

Perstorp is a leading producer of high purity 2-PH (2-propylheptanol) C10 fatty alcohol for non-ionic surfactants; sodium formate used as an enzyme stabilizer in liquid detergents and sodium sulphate as detergent filler. As an ideal sourcing partner for surfactant formulators and detergent producers we provide provide reliable, secure and timely supply backed up by Swedish environmental care.

2-PH: high performance with reliable supply

As an independent oxo alcohol producer with a state-of-the-art 2-PH plant we can easily meet the growing demand for C10 fatty alcohols for the surfactant industry, including both industrial and home care markets. 2-PH can be used in surfactants as a raw material for alcohol ethoxylates in new formulations or as a replacement to avoid the risks of the volatile supply and pricing of natural C10 fatty alcohols.  

2-PH is also a high performance replacement. It offers possibility to produce detergent formulations with superior wetting properties. This is due to its fast action along with less foaming than in other fatty alcohol ethoxylates and excellent degreasing properties. This makes 2-PH ethoxylate ideal for hard surface cleaners in industrial metal cleaning, transportation vehicles and janitorial applications as well as for household hand washing liquids. 

Sodium Formate: Enviable record of quality and global supply

Our sodium formate is widely used in liquid detergents to stabilize enzymes and control viscosity, and is supplied in both dry and liquid versions. We have a reputation for guaranteed product quality delivered to Swedish standards of care and environmental awareness. As a supply partner we offer you global presence backed up by an enviable record of delivery on time

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Performance advantages

  1. 2-PH ethoxylates are highly effective degreasers
  2. 2-PH based surfactants gives a good compromise between wetting and foaming
  3. Sodium Formate free flowing and no quality issues

Business advantages

  1. Availability & pricing stability
  2. Less risk and dependence on volatile alternatives
  3. Global presence and protocols to guarantee quality and environmental responsibility