HS Number: 29152000

Potassium Formate Runway Deicer

Tough on ice, kind to nature

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise between your deicer performance and the environment. That’s why we’ve developed Pergrip™ Run* a uniquely low carbon footprint deicer** that’s good for your business, runways and nature.

  • Pergrip™ efficiently and effectively deices runways and pathways, ensuring safety even in the harshest of weather, while minimizing harmful effects to the environment. 
  • Pergrip™ has the lowest carbon footprint by far versus comparative deicers. It meets the growing demand from airports and cities for better environmental performance and profile. Pergrip has a lower chemical oxygen demand (COD), applying less stress to runoff wastewater from run-and pathways, resulting in reduced water contamination and the amount of water treatment required.
  • Pergrip™  has a superior supply chain to guarantee supply in harshest conditions – zero failure***.
  • Perstorp™ is the global leader in the production and supply of potassium and sodium formates. As such, Pergrip is supported by the knowledge, experience and scale that Perstorp can deliver, in addition to their best-in-class logistics partners with whom we have established a fail-safe global supply chain, ensuring smooth and continuous deicing operations.

* Pergrip Run KF

**PERGRIP™ - 65% lower in Comparative tests, Ecoinvent

*** Zero delivery failures documented

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