World class supply chain providing OTIF deliveries

Drilling for energy and raw materials is a tough and demanding business. Expensive rigs, arduous environmnets and difficult geological conditions make it challenging and risky.  To maximize the profitability of oil and gas fields, formates are providing excellent performance and environmental benefits.  The formates technology enables high temperature high pressure drilling, minimizes formation damage, reduces operating costs and is environmentally-friendly. Perstorp is the world leader in the production of sodium and potassium formates and is fully backward integrated. We carry sufficient stock to supply any sudden request and we provide the most efficient delivery both in terms of administration and physical transportation.  Everything to keep the rigs running and avoid costly production stops. 

Products developed to meet your needs

Our products are uniquely adapted for clear brine drilling and completion, and they are compatible with critical polymer additives. Formate brines raise the stability and temperature limits of biopolymers used in drilling fluids, for example xanthan gum. The formate brines based on sodium and/or potassioum formate are particularly useful as non-damaging reservoir drilling and completion fluids, enabling the construction of long horizontal wellbores completed in open-hole. Formate fluids are also excellent shale stabilizers for water sensitive clay/shale containing sandstone. Formate brines contain no weighing materials meaning there are no sag problems, better ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density), better overall circulations rates and improved ROP (Rate Of Penetration).  

Our Sodium Formate’s  free flow and ease of use  secures that handling and rig time is minimized to keep costs down.  The outstanding purity of our formates allows you to maximize the yield from the well.  We are committed to performing technical investigations in order to assist you in solving field issues and to develop new formate based fluid formulations. 

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Performance advantages

  1. Outstanding purity of the formates
  2. Compatible with water-soluble polymers
  3. Low toxicity and low hazard to humans and the environment
  4. Do not form water-insoluble scales

Business advantages

  1. Cost competitive position through backward integration
  2. OTIF deliveres to minimize production stops
  3. Esae of handling to minimize costs