Meet our Supply Chain Manager

To promise our customers a secure and reliable supply is outmost important for us. We know that a delayed supply can get large consequences, we also know that there are a lot cost savings to do for our customers if the deliveries are efficient and according to their needs. Today we talk to Per Igglund, our Global Supply Chain Development Mangers who has one thing on his agenda, and that is to provide our customers with even better, more efficient and smarter logistic solutions.

What does a Perstorp Global Supply Chain Development Manager do? First of all I believe I do have one of the most interesting jobs you can have these days in this industry. Together with sales colleagues I am involved in the process of understanding the total costs involved in supply of goods to our customers and, if possible, also our customers cost related to handling goods bought from Perstorp. 

Total cost consciousness
I am available to discuss and support our customers in their daily situations as well as long term strategies. We strive to find flexible, efficient and cost effective solutions that adds value to our customer. The aim is to positively impact our customer business, by removing invisible costs and improving our customers competitiveness towards their customers. 

Which are the largest improvement areas? I wish I could say 2-3 very obvious areas for a specific size of industry e.g. stock levels, labeling and regulatory affairs admin but often small, midsize as well as large companies share the same challenges. By looking at the total actual cost picture instead of focusing only on the initially visible costs we can help in making our customers more successful.

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