Improved finances

Improved finances

What financial arguments justify the use of Promyr™ NT570?  

 Solids losses reduced by 6 % in the ensilage process
All ensiling involves a reduction in solids, which must not be confused with the reduction due to attack by mould. ProMyr™ reduces solids losses through the rapid lowering of the pH.

On a maintenance ration of 8.5 kg of solid silage per day, a cow will consume ca 2500 kg of solids per year, calculated on one lactation. A 6 % solids loss corresponds to a loss of 150 kg of solids. This loss can be expressed in terms of the average production cost of one kg of solid silage:
150 kg solids * SEK 1.30/kg = SEK 195

For a herd of 50 cows, this is equivalent to SEK 9 750/year.

 Higher nutrient value gives increased milk production
A proportion of the nutrients is converted during the ensiling process, leading to a reduction in the nutrient content. One example is the conversion of sugar into lactic acid. The use of ProMyr™ maintains the nutrient value. 

A cow producing 8800 kg of ECM per year can increase its yield by over 2 % if the silage is treated with ensiling products. This is equivalent to approximately 175 litres of milk per year:
175 litres of milk * SEK 3,00/kg = SEK 525

For a herd of 50 cows, this is equivalent to SEK 26 250/year.

 Assured higher hygiene quality.
Unwanted microorganisms such as clostridia and yeast are inhibited by successful ensiling. The correct use of a silage additive contributes to the achievement of successful ensiling and an associated higher hygienic quality of the feed. The presence of clostridium spores in the bulk milk supply is a quality parameter that gives rise to significant financial deductions when the level of clostridium spores is high, regardless of the dairy to which the milk is delivered. An improved hygienic quality generally also affects quality parameters such as the cell count. It also reduces the work involved in sorting and discarding poor-quality feed.

One month's milk supply per cow is approximately. With a quality bonus of 5 öre/kg milk, the milk revenue is increased by SEK 38 per cow per month, which gives SEK 456 per cow per year.

For a herd of 50 cows, this is equivalent to SEK 22,800 /year.

Value of using ProMyr™, example for a 50-cow herd (SEK/herd and year)


Treatment with ProMyr™ NT 570 per ton of green matter
(350 tons of green matter in total)

4.0 litres at 10.00 SEK/litre costs in total

- SEK 14000

Reduced solids losses SEK 9750
Increased milk production SEK 26250
Good hygiene assurance SEK 22800
Value of using ProMyr™ NT 570 for ensiling: SEK 44800

*1 SEK is approximately 0,1 EUR