Maximum grain protection with ProSid™ MI 700

ProSid™ MI 700 is Perstorp's latest innovation in the field of mold inhibition. Acid preservation with ProSid™ MI 700 is effective for all types of feed and grain. The product will quickly and effectively kill all types of yeast and mold and maintain the nutritional value at a high level.

ProSid™ MI 700 is a patented innovative new product with a unique formulation that inhibits the growth of molds and yeasts and minimizes the risk of mycotoxin-formation during grain storage. It is highly effective against molds and yeasts, but evaporates much slower than other mold inhibitors currently on the market, due to propionic acid glycerol esters. With less evaporation, ProSid™ MI 700 has a longer lasting effect.



Delivered safely

ProSid™ MI 700 was developed to offer superior safety in grain preservation.

  • Classified as non-corrosive to use and transport (non-ADR).
  • Smells considerably less than pure propionic acid.
  • Low evaporation due to its unique ester formulation.


ProSid™ MI 700 offers:

  • Maximum protection from all forms of molds and yeasts
  • Preservation of nutritional value and taste
  • Reduction of mycotoxin-formation from molds and yeasts
  • Longer lasting effectiveness thanks to the innovative esterifying technology
  • Safe & unique, patented non-ADR formula
  • No specific adaptation of dosage equipment needed


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