New solutions for controlling the hygiene in your feed

New solutions for controlling the hygiene in your feed

Livestock need to have an adequate supply of good quality feed and water, where there is cause for concern regarding contamination with pathogenic bacteria or molds, measures should be taken to minimize possible hazards.

In animal production, the quality of feed is one of the most important keys for raising healthy animals. It is a challenge to minimize the risk of contaminated feed by controlling the feed hygiene in feed facilities. The difficult zones of hygiene can be in the mixer, storage silo, the pellet cooler and the transport pipes in a feed mill.

In moist environments, when temperatures are up, germs can find excellent conditions to multiply. Regular cleaning of the feed processing installation is essential. Flushing the installation with a mixture of ProPhorce™ SA Cleaning and a carrier reduces the risk for microbial contamination.

Over the last few years, bio-security in agricultural operations has gained importance thanks to the increased focus on animal performance. A higher demand for animal health and feed safety in relation to consumer safety, but also the increase in external employees working on farms. For an optimal feed hygiene standard we offer a large selection of quality products to support you and your business.
Some significant examples in relation to feed hygiene are:

  • Reduction of enterobacteria contamination including salmonella
  • Reduce feed mold and bacteria recontamination

We have created some exceptional products that combine propionic and formic acid with essential oils for optimal efficiency. This combination offers a highly effective tool to promote feed hygiene.

The range of products that is available, includes:

  • ProPhorce™ SA Solid
    A dry feed hygiene additive that is suitable for feed mills because it is dry and safe for storage.

  • ProPhorce™ SA Cleaning
    Highly concentrated dry cleaning product based on formic and propionic acid that can be used for cleaning manufacturing machines.

  • ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive
    Highly concentrated feed hygiene additive based on formic and lactic acid in combination with essential oils, buffered with sodium salts of organic acids for reduced corrosivity. The product is suitable for feed and oil seed meals.

  • ProPhorce™ SA Special
    Highly concentrated feed hygiene additive with a unique interaction between propionic acid and the essential oils. Use this product if you want the best security that money can buy!

They can be found and ordered in the product selector on our website. If you need any information, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Read more about the research and download a copy of the peer-reviewed article (Burt 2016) here>>

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