For broilers flocks there are a lot of stressors and these animals are giving a performance like top sports (wo)men. Looking after the growth performance is an important topic to a lot of farmers, nutritionists and vets. Many things can influence the birds' results, both internally and externally. 

We have done extensive research on the effects of butyric acid on the growth performance of broilers, have a look at some of our research here.

Research data in the UK

In a trial conducted at the ADAS facilities in the United Kingdom tested the effects of ProPhorce™ SR 130 on the feed conversion ratio, daily weight gain and feed intake.

The effects were measured against a control group and coated product (at an isobutyric level).

Find trial and the results here



Field trial in Mauritius

To test the effects of ProPhorce™SR 130 in practice Perstorp does a lot of field trials together with partners throughout the world.

This broiler performance trial was done in Mauritius with 600 day-old chicks.

Read the full trial report here

Close up of the head of a chicken