Perstorp has developed a calculator tool that goes beyond just dEB. Based on contemporary independent research, it also calculates the potential performance benefit of improving dEB to its optimum of 240 mEq.

For example the 4% improvement in broiler slaughter weight due to dEB optimization translates to a benefit of around €70 per 1.000 birds. For swine the benefits are potentially even greater, with a dEB improvement of 60 mEq giving a 4% improvement in slaughter weight. That translates in almost €5.50 more value per pig slaughtered. 
When asked why there was a need for such a calculator, Business Development Manager Sofia Rengman replies, “The demands that are put on feed additives are increasing as they often make the competitive difference in feeds. The cost of additive inclusion is usually the first point of evaluation, but to be successful we need to look beyond the cost of inclusion. We need to have a total cost-benefit overview and we can only get that by understanding how these products work in the animal and what benefits they supply. That is what we are trying to illustrate with our dEB calculator.” 
To try out the calculator for pigs or broilers for yourself and see what benefits dEB optimization could have in your diets.