Emoltene™ 100

Life-long durability and low maintenance makes this C10 plasticizer perfect for the toughest of outdoor applications and environments.

Emoltene™ 100 is the plasticizer of choice for the harshest environments and the toughest of tasks. Its durability and weather resistance are perfect for high-performance outdoor applications such as cables and roofing membranes, where low maintenance and a long, trouble-free life is critical. The performance of the plasticizer is further boosted by exceptional UV resistance to prevent early PVC degradation and ageing, which is important in premium PVC solutions.

By substantially extending the life of PVC products, Emoltene™ 100 contributes not only to the lowest total cost of ownership, but also enhanced sustainability - making this one of the best C10 plasticizers on the market today.

Uninterrupted and frictionless supply on your terms

Perstorp offers a fully integrated and secure chain of supply of Emoltene™ 100. We are one of the few fully integrated suppliers of general-purpose plasticizers in Europe, with in-house production of 2-PH C10 alcohol, an essential raw material for plasticizers. This production integration guarantees you reliability of supply and consistent plasticizer quality.


Product grades

Emoltene™ 100 is a DPHP plasticizer and is offered as standard grade, or as Emoltene™ 100 Pro, based on renewable content. Both versions are also available as pre-stabilized grades:

  • Emoltene™ 100 TOP: to prevent degradation in compounds used at elevated temperatures, it is also stabilized with 0.12% 1,1,3-Tris(2-methyl-4-hydroxy-5-tert-butylphenyl)-butane.

  • Emoltene™ 100 IRG: to prevent degradation in compounds used at elevated temperatures, it is also stabilized with 0.25% octadecyl-3,5-di-tertbutyl-4-hydroxy-hydro-cinnamate.


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Main applications

  • Cables & wires
  • Roofing membranes
  • Automotive interiors

Main advantages

  • Longer-life, low maintenance & low PVC degradation (Cables, Roofing, Auto)
  • Stable at higher operating temperatures (Cables)
  • Weather and environmental resistance (Cables, Roofing)
  • Sustainable, safe and stable (low migration) (Cables, Roofing, Auto)
  • UV and ageing resistant (Cables, Roofing, Auto)
  • Cost-efficient processing (Cables, Roofing, Auto)

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