Trust and transparency in lubricants – How to deliver on the sustainability promise?

Sustainable supply chain management is increasing in importance as a consequence of market demands and legislation. This requires more cross-functional co-operation within organizations and across value chains.

During this webinar we will focus on how to deliver on the promise of two sustainability aspects: renewable/recycled raw materials and green house gas emissions reductions.
We will deep dive into:

  • Building blocks for polyol esters from renewable & recycled raw material based on traceable mass balance
  • Lower carbon footprint: product carbon footprint methodology based on global standards
  • Importance of trust and transparency: 3rd party certification with ISCC PLUS

There will be a Q&A session between each topic and we invite participants to actively engage in a dialogue with us.

The webinar took place Wednesday, 21th of June, 14:00 CEST.

Watch the webinar recording