Sustainability in lubricants and dielectric fluids – Reality or ambition?

During this webinar we will drill down on the what ’sustainable’ means in the lubricant context and what role Perstorp plays when we say: your sustainability journey starts here.

The speakers will share their experience on the opportunities and challenges the lubricant value chain face on their journey towards sustainability. Questions answered during the webinar:

  • What is sustainability in lubricants?
  • Do we have tools to ”quantify” sustainability?
  • How can lubricant manufacturers approach sustainability?

This webinar took place Wednesday, 24th May, at 14:00 CET. 

Watch the webinar recording

Elisa Swanson-Parbäck, Business Development Director, Sustainable Lubricants

Elisa Swanson-Parbäck is Business Development Director - Sustainable Lubricants. Since joining the company in 2018, Mrs. Swanson-Parbäck has been active in various market segments also leading digital transformation initiatives cross the company. Her current focus is on Perstorp’ s sustainability agenda and the transformative journey the lubricants industry is on to reach net zero.

Linda Zellner, Director Innovation for Engineered Fluids & Advanced Materials

Linda Zellner is Director Innovation for Engineered Fluids & Advanced Materials. Linda has 20 years of experience in product development and chemical engineering. She joined Perstorp in 2011 and today she heads up a team of technical market development managers and specialists with the focus to develop new products and solutions for Perstorp. Her passion is innovation and sustainability. 

Dr. Valentina Serra-Holm, Vice President Engineered Fluids

Dr. Valentina Serra-Holm is the Vice President for Engineered Fluids at Perstorp, a world leader in sustainable building blocks for polyol esters. In her role Valentina holds the global responsibility for developing Perstorp’ s business in the lubricant industry. Valentina is a driven and strategic professional, with over twenty years’ experience in the oil and lubricant industry, boasting several senior technical and commercial roles.