Annual & Sustainability report 2020

Today we publish our Annual & Sustainability Report for the year ended December 2020 - a challenging year with acceleration of macroeconomic trends and new strategic position for Perstorp.

Key financial highlights include:

Continuing operations

  • Net sales of SEK 9,194 m, an decrease of 21 percent compared to the same period last year.  
  • The year ended with an EBITDA totaling SEK 1,128 m compared to 1,554 m for the full year 2019 with an EBITDA margin of 12.3% (13.3).
  • A solid free cash flow generation of SEK 823 m (1,081). 
  • In the end of 2020 Perstorp Group was granted a liquidity enhancing Revolving Credit Facility of SEK 600 m, backed by the Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN). 
  • The Group’s available funds, liquid funds and unutilized credit facilities, were SEK 2,037 m (1,248) at the end of December 2020.

Developments and strategic direction

In response to changes in and acceleration of macroeconomic trends, Perstorp has revisited its strategic positions, resulting in a new strategic direction. The outcome means in essence
that Perstorp will quickly return to its growth journey, but focus its growth initiatives primarily on some selected customer segments where innovation and services are prioritized, and on the area of specialty chemicals. Sustainability and Digital Transformation will be highly important enablers for success.

Jan Secher, President and CEO of Perstorp, commented: “The chemical industry is essential for the recovery of the global economy and for leading the way into the post-Covid-19 future.
Profitable growth continues to be our objective moving forward and with the support of our new strategic direction, I am convinced that we will return to a strong growth trajectory. This is an exciting time and I am very proud to lead this company.”

Download the full Annual & Sustainability report for 2020 here >>

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