A spectacle for the senses at EuroTier: Perstorp’s True North 3D experience

Tony Toebak
Tony Toebak
Communications Manager Perstorp Animal Nutrition
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Animal Nutrition
30 October 2018

Appealing, thought provoking, innovative… Perstorp treats its customers to a unique experience at EuroTier. Sound and music artist Simon Kirk ‘we wanted to engage all the visitor’s senses. The threat that is lurking for our industry needs to be truly and deeply felt. This experience really involves people.’

Shocked, enlightened, curious – that is how most customers will certainly feel after having seen Perstorp’s 3D Experience True North. Why is Perstorp aiming for a thought provoking experience? Why not just drink coffee while showing a presentation or handing out a brochure? Jason Lorjé (Perstorp), one of the creative minds behind the unique experience, tells why: ‘Despite media attention, today’s challenges often remain a distant future scenario. We decided to choose a different form to deeply involve and engage our customers. We really wanted make customers feel the danger that is lurking our industry. To give them a sense of urgency to change, because we feel that we all have responsibility towards future generations. As an industry leader we at Perstorp are taking a lead in at least starting the discussion. At the end of the day you may agree with us or not, but at least this way, we can start discussing how we can tackle these challenges with other people that are eager to make a change.’

Find your True North

Beautiful Nordic forests getting grim and turning red. Peaceful music turning into agonizing sounds… The film teaser trailer made in preparation of the True North experience gives a glimpse of the concept made by Kirk and his team. ‘We built the experience around the True North concept. A title that refers to Perstorp’s Swedish roots. True North also makes allusion to the fact we are in urgent need to realign our moral compass to guide us. Looking at today’s complex challenges – growing world population, increased protein demand – we really need to find our True North.’ Counting the days until EuroTier, Kirk can’t wait to hear about visitors’ reactions. ‘Trust me, it will be a memorable and, hopefully, moving experience.’

Discussing over fika 

What do you think is most needed right now? How can we tackle the biggest challenge facing our industry? Perstorp welcomes visitors who have experienced ‘True North’ to share views over fika–a typical Swedish coffee break where views are discussed and decisions are made. Getting curious? Experience something new at EuroTier and find your True North at the Perstorp stand at location C29 in hall 23.

You can find more information and the teaser trailer on www.perstorp.com/truenorth


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