The Hunger Project Ghana: Achieving sustainable self-reliance

We are proud to be partners with The Hunger Project, supporting their mission to end world hunger and poverty. For two years we have supported the epicenter Mem-Chemfre in Ghana, which has now entered the final phase to become self-reliant.

For two years we have supported The Hunger Project and their mission to end world hunger and poverty. In their work to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, The Hunger Project has adapted the ‘Epicenter Strategy’. The Epicenter Strategy clusters rural villages into one dynamic center, where communities are mobilized for actions to meet basic needs such as education, health, nutrition and sanitation. Read more about the Epicenter Strategy

During the past two years, we have followed and supported the exciting developments at the Mem-Chemfre epicenter. Now Mem-Chemfre has entered the final phase to become self-reliant. During the final phase, The Hunger Project will end its financial and staff support, but at the same time secure income generation and committee leadership of continuing development for future growth. 

Becoming self-reliant is not the only achievement Mem-Chemfre reached during 2019. Here are some of the main achievements that the epicenter achieved during Q1-Q3 2019: 

  • Health: 846 persons visited the health center in Mem-Chemfre. The clinic covers everything from maternal care, prevents and provides treatment for malaria and tuberculosis, educates in nutrition and distribute medicine.
  • Vaccinations: 362 children were vaccinated at the epicenter clinic. 
  • Agriculture and food safety: 1 771 person participated in workshops learning about cultivation techniques such as composting, water management, row planting and new seed varieties.
  • Mobilizing society: 2 887 persons participated in a total of 45 VCA workshops. VCA stands for Vision Commitment & Action and are focused on social engagement and leadership training. 
  • Women’s Empowerment Program: 3 886 persons, 1 926 women and 1 960 men participated in Woman’s Empowerment Program. The program consists of a number of workshops to raise awareness of women’s important role and contributions to the development in the society.  

We look forward to follow the developments at Mem-Chemfre, as our partnership with The Hunger Project will continue for the coming year! 


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