Pro-Environment production kicked off at Site Bruchhausen

In May 2019, our German site in Bruchhausen produced and sold Voxtar™ for the first time. With Site Bruchhausen, Perstorp now has three sites which are producing Pro-Environment products, the other two being Site Stenungsund and Site Perstorp.

As a response to the fast growing global need and demand for more sustainable products like resins, coatings and synthetic lubricants, a project was initiated with the aim of producing Pro-Environment products at Site Bruchhausen, during the autumn of 2018.

The first milestone was to get Site Bruchhausen ISCC PLUS certified in February 2019. With the interaction of a global team led by Anna Berggren, Business Development Director, Urban Eriksson, Quality Manager, and a local team in Bruchhausen under the leadership of Daniel Plothe, Chemist and Local Project Leader, it was possible to achieve this target. Finally, Pär Fredholm, Specialist within GTI, carried out the certification carbon footprint calculation (GHG-calculation) and the mass balance was set up with the support from Robert Bulow, Site Controller at Perstorp. 

The ISCC certified mass balance concept is about mixing fossil and renewable raw materials in the same existing systems but keeping track of their quantities and allocating them to specific products. This ensures that the quality and performance of the molecules are exactly the same giving customers a real go-pro-environment choice. 

After completing the ISCC certification process without any nonconformities, Voxtar™ production started in May 2019. In the first step, Site Bruchhausen is using bioacetaldehyde to produce Pentamolecules with 40 % renewable carbon atoms. The plan in the future is to also use renewable methanol in the production to produce Pentamolecules with 100 % biobased carbon-atoms. In addition to renewable Penta and Dipenta, Bruchhausen is now also able to produce renewable Charmor™ and Holtac™, which are two other products from our Pro-Environment portfolio.

The achievement to produce Pro-Environment products at our site in Germany for the first time, takes us a step closer in our ambition to become Finite Material Neutral.


Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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