Join World Cleanup Day 2019

The global initiative World Cleanup Day takes place September 21st. Here millions get together to clean up litter in our nature in the biggest one-day civic action against waste in human history.

Last year, Perstorpers joined World Cleanup Day together with millions of volunteers and partners, from more than 150 countries around the globe, together making the world a cleaner place! The initiative truly demonstrates how individuals, corporations and governments can join forces to achieve something extraordinary.

As the world is facing a global waste problem, we are all responsible to handle waste in a respectful manner and to keep the nature clean from litter, as an individual, as a business and as a member of the global society. Moving towards a zero-waste position takes time, but at Perstorp we are committed to eliminate or reduce waste from our production processes as well as viewing waste as a product that has simply not found its market yet.  

During the coming weeks we will share our perspectives on how we as a business contribute to a world with less waste, provide examples on how we work with waste at Perstorp and finally, how we can work smarter when innovating products with waste and our environment in mind.

At Perstorp, we look forward to join the initiative once again on September 21st.

Get to know more about the World Cleanup Day movement or get involved today. 

Cecilia Svensson

EVP Communications & Sustainable Transformation

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