How we guarantee sustainable sourcing with ISCC

Our Pro-Environment Polyols are all to become certified by ISCC. Practically this means that we have full traceability of the bio based material we use and an independent verification that our products are produced sustainably and responsibly

Global Sustainability certification system

ISCC stands for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification and is a global certification system. The certification ensures a more sustainable solution by facilitating fully traceable and deforestation-free supply chains. This enables each actor on the market to source sustainable products from any certificate holder. The aim is to work towards a green and livable planet, which is achieved in different ways, such as;·

  • Implementation of zero-deforestation

  • Compliance with human, labor and land rights

  • Protection of land with high biodiversity value and high carbon stock

  • Protection of soil, water, and air

  • Measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Traceability throughout supply chains

infographic ISCC

Our renewable pro-environment polyols, Neeture™, Evyron™ and Voxtar™ are based on an ISCC certified mass balance concept, and the products themselves are also certified according to the prestigious ISCC system. The certification is proof that the bio-based input in our products is sourced and produced sustainably/responsibly according to the requirements highlighted in the six bullets above, and that the mass balance is handled in the right way. Reliability and transparency are essential to avoiding fraud.

Our Green House Gas (GHG) emission calculations are also ISCC certified. This is a way of securing that the Green House Gas (GHG) emission calculations are done correctly. Through the yearly audit process, the GHG calculations are annually updated, using the consumption numbers of the previous year, and controlled by a third party certification body.

All the parties in the value chain are certified to ensure sustainable sourcing.The fact that our products come with an ISCC certificate guarantees that the bio-based input is sustainably sourced and lives up to requirements set for a more livable future.

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