Simulator now in place - training started in "Valerox plant"

The Valeraldehyde plant, a major part in the Valerox project, will be up and running in the beginning of next year. But the process operators can already now practice and get to know the plant – with the recently installed simulator (OTS).

The project of developing and installing an OTS – Operators Training Simulator – was started in March earlier this year. An OTS is a computer based simulator enabling virtual training in a plant. This means that process operators can start training in the Valeraldehyde plant even before it is ready. The simulator is also very useful when the plant is functioning – to practice on hazardous scenarios, shutdowns, new operating points and start-ups.

The simulator was delivered to the production unit in Stenungsund, Sweden only weeks ago and is after intense work up and running. Project leader Johan Rönnberg is very enthusiastic over the results:
“This is so exciting! With intense team work and a great team effort, we now have a functioning simulator – thanks to everyone involved for their incredible efforts!”

The trainings with process operators have started. Jörgen Albinsson is one of the instructors:
“We train operators two and two with an instructor by the side. We, the instructors, control the process and play different scenarios. It is then up to the operators to figure out what is wrong and solve the problems”, Jörgen Albinsson says. He is impressed by the similarity to real life:

“The simulator is looking and acting just like a real control room – identical with reality”.

Johan Rönnberg concludes:
“Now I hope that the simulator will inspire experiments – this is a great opportunity to test and try all sorts of ideas”, Johan concludes.

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