The Valerox “heart” has arrived – reactor now in place

The Valerox project is one of the largest investments ever in the history of Perstorp, aimed at meeting the new demands in society on safe plasticizers. Last week, one of the last puzzle pieces and the heart of the new plant arrived at Site Stenungsund– the reactor.

The reactor has been transported from India, and arrived in Stenungsund last Tuesday.

“The reactor is the heart in a process like this, as it is the equipment that will bring us the aldehyde. It was complicated work to get it to site, but the installation went smoothly,” says Tommy Arvidsson, Investment Project Manager.

Planning for startup
The project is planned to be up and running in the beginning of 2015:

“We are now in the phase where we are initiating preparations for the startup, as well as completing installations for another few months. I am happy to say that we are still on time and within budget”, Tommy Arvidsson explains.

Innovative plasticizers
The Valerox investment will position Perstorp as a leader in plasticizers with the new and innovative products Emoltene™ 100 and Pevalen™. Jerker Olsson, Vice President Business Unit Oxo, comments:

“The market has received our Valerox project with great interest, and the arrival of the reactor is a true milestone. For our customers, this means that we are not far from production”.

Perstorp Valerox reactor
The huge reactor being transported to Site Stenungsund, and then being installed

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