Responsibility in focus with new Responsible Care

The Perstorp Group has strengthened its work with environment, health and safety by reorganizing the Corporate EHS function into a new Global Responsible Care function.

“We have expanded the EHS function with internal and external focus, involving the entire Perstorp Group. The development from Corporate EHS to Global Responsible Care signals a deepened commitment to environment, health and safety throughout the entire product life cycle. External stakeholders will be actively engaged for cooperation and challenged in this new Responsible Care focus”, says Ad Vos, VP Responsible Care. He continues:

“To ensure pragmatic and practical developments, we will involve local experts at sites and departments as well as at external stakeholders in all parts of the world, contributing to continuous improvements of Responsible Care”.

The new Responsible Care organization includes five disciplines:

• Process Safety
• Product Stewardship
• Occupational Health & Safety
• Environment & Sustainability
• Governance & Incident Management

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Ad Vos

Vice President Responsible Care

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