PPS at Site Warrington - with a different approach

The Perstorp improvement methodology PPS, Perstorp Performance System, is implemented in several parts of the company. A unique approach from the production unit in Warrington, the UK, shows that the method is adaptable and functioning in several aspects.

PPS consists of nine pillars to help boost continuous improvement around the company. In January 2013 the production unit in Warrington started their PPS journey. But instead of choosing a common model area for all pillars to work on, they chose a pilot project for each pillar that aligns with the unit’s targets.

The implementation of PPS has so far been successful with one pillar doing especially well - 5S.

“5S has brought a standard way of cleaning and a better organized work place which has resulted in a better working environment for everyone involved. This has led to everyone having more pride in the plant and a stronger feeling of ownership”, says Mark Edwardson, Polymer Operations Leader.

Communication is the main challenge for the Warrington unit, a challenge that has been met with several solutions. For instance, the unit has introduced “Fika”, where cross functional groups meet on a monthly basis for a coffee to discuss topical work issues such as PPS activities.

“We hope our PPS success will continue long into the replication and sustainability stages”, PPS Specialist Adam Brown concludes.

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