Reviews for a greater Perstorp Performance System

End of May the first internal reviews within Perstorp Performance System were conducted at the Group’s production units in Perstorp and Stenungsund. The reviews are essential in the work with continuous improvements.

Perstorp Performance System, PPS, is an important part of the way Perstorp work to continuously improve and develop. With a wish to build on the positive way to review everything that is on-going, the first corporate PPS reviews took place at two of Perstorp’s production units, Site Perstorp and Site Stenungsund, end of May.

“I’ve got the feeling that everyone involved sees this PPS review as an opportunity to demonstrate the PPS work in a good way, as well as a chance to learn more and get inspired”, says Daniel Hansson, Technical Manager at Site Perstorp.

The reviews are corner stones in the work of creating a sustainable Perstorp Performance System, and confirm that momentum in the work with continuous improvements is maintained.

“This type of internal review will lead to greater exchange and communication between sites and hence a better Perstorp Performance System,” Daniel concludes.

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