Perstorp continues collaboration with Rögle BK

The Swedish ice hockey season is about to start and Perstorp is proud to announce that the collaboration with Rögle BK will continue. Perstorp will stay as one of the main sponsors for the 2013-2014 season.

The successful collaboration between Perstorp and Rögle BK began back in 2008. This will be the sixth year together and both parties are happy to continue to develop this collaboration. Rögle BK’s club director Magnus Blomsterberg sees many common areas of interest, saying for example, that Rögle’s work on its business plan, steering documents, and not least its values, are things that appealed to Perstorp ahead of signing the contract to extend collaboration.

“Our work with young people, our social commitment and how we run activities are very much in tune with Perstorp’s basic values,” says Magnus and continues; “We are completely dependent on a strong commercial network in order to run a professional ice hockey club, with an excellently run youth team and also the investment from the hockey college all the way to our junior team and A team. A partner like Perstorp shows that we are an interesting sports association, not only for smaller companies, but also for major international corporations. We are pleased to be able to provide excellent exposure and networking, covering Perstorp’s needs on a regional and national level.”

Martin Lundin, Perstorp’s President and CEO, comments on the extended main sponsorship contract with Rögle:

“This will be the sixth season that Perstorp is the main sponsor for Rögle BK and we are looking forward to continuing this excellent collaboration. Rögle BK has a strong regional connection and it is exactly these kinds of sports clubs that we want to support. I’m now hoping that we can help Rögle BK in its efforts to once again reach the Elitserien, which is the major league in Sweden. We’re really looking forward to the coming season.”

The new contract covers the 2013-2014 season.

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