Meet us at VIV Asia!

VIV Asia will be held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from March 13-15. Almost 700 exhibitors from 40 countries will participate. The last edition of VIV Asia attracted close to 30.000 visitors from all over the world and this edition is likely to do even better.

Building brands, introducing products
Asia is an important area of expansion and brand building for Perstorp. AT VIV Asia we will personally introduce our latest innovations. ProSid™ MI 700 is a low corrosive mould inhibitor with a prolonged preservation effect. We will also launch our newest toxin binder ProSid™ TB 207 on the Asian market. Not only does this product have a high affinity to bind mycotoxins, it also contains organic ingredients especially selected to detoxify mycotoxins in the liver of farm animals.

New ProPhorce™ PH and ProPhorce™ SR products that enhance poultry performance as a result of a better nutrient utilization due to an improved gut health will also be the topic of many conversations.

Heat stress is an important factor in Asian regions with higher daytime temperatures and therefore we will also put proper emphasis on acidifiers that play a significant role in reducing heat stress.

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