Thank you for visiting us at MECS 2014!

We are strengthening our commitment to the region with increased capacity of our core products to MEAF (Middle East Africa). Our growing commitment to the MEAF region is aimed at strengthening our position within key regional products, such as intumescent coatings, and through fast reliable supply channels to satisfy our growing customer base.

Perstorp has also identified a demand from the petrochemical industry for infrastructure protection, such as chemical and UV resistant coatings for piping. Our caprolactone range, Capa™, is well positioned to take advantage of this growth by providing coating systems with high performance properties to match the tough environmental demands in the MEAF region.

Perstorp showcased a number of innovative products at MECS:

• Capa™ polyols for high performance PU coatings and stoving enamels
• Our range of building blocks for polyurethane dispersions
• Our product palette for essentials and specialties to the resin & coatings market
• Charmor™ range of polyols for intumescent coatings

Contact our experts!MECS 2014

If you want to get in contact with us please e-mail:

Valmira Özten, Sales Manager for the region

Kent Hamaček, Product Manager Penta

Adrian Harden, Product Manager Neo/TMP

S.Ramakrishnan, Area of Expertise- Resins and coatings

Bo Häggman, VP Sales

Focus on sustainable solutions

Middle East Coatings Show 2014  gave us a great opportunity to also showcase our unique blend of “commitment with care”. We presented several innovative high performance products, such as Capa™, Charmor™ and Voxtar™ Penta that contribute significantly towards more sustainable coating solutions and products. 

Watch how our Charmor™ works for intumescent paint!

Sadhana Page
Sadhana Page
Indoor Sales Manager
+971-50 458 2489
Valmira Otzen
Valmira Özten
Sales Manager
+90 212 850 208 3
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