Presentations at Chinacoat 2013

Perstorp will give two presentations at Chinacoat. You can get an idea of the topics by reading the abstracts below.

Capa™ in coatings by Albert Tan

Perstorp’s presentation will show the benefits of using Capa™ polyols in coating systems cured with different crosslinkers. Capa™ polyols offer a broad range of different functionalities and molecular weights. In combining with standard acrylates, formulations with improved abrasion resistance and flexibility can be obtained together with reduced VOC.



Albert Tan is the Market Development Manager (SEA) at Perstorp Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd. and is responsible for new market applications, new customer account and new product promotions. His experience includes paint production and formulations in solvent-based coatings and waterborne coatings.


Language:  English/Chinese
Date:           Thursday, November 21
Time:          3:30-4:20 pm 
Location:    Meeting room E1-M12, Hall E1 

New TechCorner with Paul Kelly

Coatings for plastic applications tend to be functional, whether it be hard “scratch proof” coatings, optical coatings with specific refractive index, or soft feel coatings which give a tactile aspect and add to a feeling of quality. There is a trend towards UV curing coatings with carefully controlled physical characteristics for end use requirement. Development of oligomers based on customized polyol intermediates leading to control of properties such as Tg, modulus, impact strength, hardness and resistance can be achieved by design.

无论是用作硬质“防划”涂层、具有特定折射率的光学涂层还是可增加触感质量的柔感涂层,塑料应用中的涂层都日渐趋向于功能性。目前的生产中逐渐倾向于使用紫外固化涂层,其物理特性可根据终端用户的需求进行精细调整。通过设计,可采用自定义的多元醇中间体为基础,开发出 Tg、模量、抗冲击强度、硬度和耐性等特性可控的低聚物。


Paul Kelly qualified in Polymer Chemistry at North London and has worked in radiation curing for over 30 years. He has extensive worldwide market experience and a detailed knowledge of formulation for coatings, graphics and new technology applications. He is employed as an innovation specialist at the Perstorp Group in Sweden.

Paul Kelly 毕业于北伦敦大学高分子化学专业,在辐射固化领域拥有超过 30 年的工作经验。此外,他还拥有丰富的全球市场经验,并对涂料配方、印刷和新技术应用有着深入的了解。现担任柏斯托集团(瑞典)的创新专家。

Language:     English/Chinese
Date:              Wednesday, November 20
Time:             3:00-3:45 pm
Location:       Presentation Area, Outdoor Hall A1, SNIEC

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