Vision & mission

We have been in business for 140 years and we have always strived to be in sync with the world around us and reinvented ourselves several times to anticipate and meet customer needs. By driving change, transforming our production, and enabling new solutions we will help industries and products everywhere to become more sustainable. We are fully committed to doing so and to always act respectfully with regard to people, environment, and society.


Perstorp is the first choice for companies seeking a competitive edge to advance everyday life.

If our purpose is why we get up each day and do what we do in the first place, then our vision is where we want to go, and our values and strategy are how we get there. All these elements are constantly connected, both forming and driving our caring culture.

Thinking long-term, our vision is our inspiration for strategic planning, pushing us to constantly improve. For us, we’ll know we’re making a difference toward creative and sustainable chemistry when:


We are the sustainable solutions provider, focusing on the global Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids, Advanced Materials and Animal Nutrition markets.

Our Mission is where we focus our efforts to reach our vision, and to successfully serve our customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders every day. Our mission clarifies which lanes we run in – sharpening our focus and taking us to long-term growth.

A strategy with clear choices

Our Mission is what sets out our strategic direction as a company. The following building blocks of our strategy guide our plans and activities to create and enable growth beyond the current planning horizon:

  • We focus our growth capital on our selected segments Resins & Coatings, Engineered Fluids, Advanced Materials and Animal Nutrition with our sustainable solutions
  • We focus investments on growing our specialty offerings
  • We allow for step/change investments in Asia
  • We maximize value generation from our product platforms (Intermediates) by de-commoditization primarily through non-Capex investments with short payback focusing on efficiency and availability
  • Strengthening of our Sustainability profile and digital transformation as important enablers and differentiators
  • We remain committed to our Finite Material Neutral objective, supported by clear sustainability targets

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VP Corporate Communication

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